Here at Little Friend's, we are dedicated to make sure that your child has the happiest start to nursery life, and in order to achieve this, we have put together a plan to ensure this happens.


It is really important that, the teachers, chidren and the parents work together to guarantee that this happens. Here at Little Friend's, we fully appreciate the partnership between home and nursery and urge you to actively take part in planning the best for your child's needs. Below you will find our guide to achieving the best for your child, in addition to this please never hesitate in contacting us with any queries or questions you may have, so that we can continue our journey together and hand-in-hand. Our plan consists of 5 steps;

After the successful completion of the registration process, you will be offered a date for your key person to come and visit you at your home. The visit will give you chance to meet your key person and allow time for you and your child to start to bond with them, it also allows them to learn about your child’s home routine, time for you to ask any questions you may have before starting at Little Friends and for them to give you all the relevant paperwork needed. Please be aware that a home visit will only be undertaken if you live within a 3 mile radius of Little Friends Nursery.

Step 1

Before children start at Nursery two members of staff will make a visit to your home to meet you and your child, which is called a Home Visit.


Why do we make a Home Visit?

Visiting you at home is a good idea because it is a place where you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed. When you welcome us into your home, your child sees us as friends. Children need to see that the people who are going to be caring for them are friendly and trusted by you.

What do we do when we visit you?

We come to chat about your child and answer any questions that you may have about them starting Nursery. We like to find out more information about your child and can help you fill in any forms that we need for our records. Usually, the visit lasts about half an hour. We will bring a few toys and books for your child to look at and play with. In this way, they become interested in talking about what they could play with when they come to Nursery.


Step 2 

Few days before your child joins our nursery, we will invite you and your child to join the other children and families at Little Friend's for an induction session. This is a perfect opportunity for the parents and children to meet each other. You may then want to organise play dates during the summer holidays, so the children have made some friends before they start nursery. You will also by then have received a Little Friend's Parents Guide. It is so important to read this prior to your child starting and will answer many of your questions and guide you through all the different aspects of school life.


Step 3

Few days prior to your child starting, your child’s teacher will meet you and your child. This teacher/key person will be responsible for your child and will take care of them each day at the nursery. The meeting will last up to an hour and is an opportunity for you to ask lots of questions, prior to your child starting. The teacher will go through the questionnaire called ‘all about me’ so that knows as much as possible about your child to support their needs whilst at the nursery. You could take a photograph of your child’s teacher during the meeting so you can start talking about your teacher at home and your child will have a familiar face on their first day. We recognise that children feel more secure when they know and trust their caregivers.


Step 4 

Your child will then begin at Little Friend's Nursery. We do have a strict policy that parents do need to leave their child with their teacher / key person and not stay too long in the nursery when they first begin. With all our experience and trials we now know the best way for your child to separate from you, is with a confident farewell and to not stay too long. The longer you stay, the harder it is for the child and for the teacher / keyperson. We recommend the parent leaves, even it is only for 15 minutes the first day. If your child is very unhappy the teacher will always call you to request you return and if your child has settled easily, the teacher / keyperson will call and encourage you to not return until collection time.


Initially we ask parents to stay close to the nursery for the first few days, so that we are able to contact you if your child becomes upset or distressed. Your child is welcome to bring a favourite toy to the nursery in the first few weeks as this can make your child feel more confident and secure.

Step 5

You will work very closely with your child’s teacher/key person and decide what is best for your child. Each child is different and some children settle in very easily into nursery life, while others find it harder. Some children might step up to four or five mornings, whilst others will stay with three morning’s- your child’s teacher / keyworker will guide you what is best for your child. Many children will settle in within one morning at nursery whilst others take up to a term, this is very normal. Patience is key, as well as a consistent routine at home and at nursery, which really makes a big difference.


It is important that parents and staff communicate and work in partnership with each other to ensure we build a good foundation for your child’s time at Little Friend's Nursery. Please honour our settling in process, as we believe that this is the most successful way of your child having a happy start to nursery life.

For more information about the registration or to book a visit to have a look around the nursery, please call us on 0208 888 1 999 or use the Contact Us here.