All settings registered to accept government funding (detailed in our Codes of Practice) *LINK TO CoP*  must offer up to 15 hours per week nursery provision places for children aged two and three years old, as specified by the local authority. Please note for nursery education funded sessions are funded termly which is for 38 weeks.

Funding begins the term following your child’s third birthday and does not cover the full cost of attending Little Friends Nursery.

Please note that, the government subsidy to nursery fees does NOT cover the following:

  • Any additional hours

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch, afternoon tea, fruit, snacks and milk

  • Nappies and wipes

  • Coats for outdoor play

  • Sunscreen and hats

  • Regular outings and trips


Our nursery fees are therefore additional to government funding and should you require to use our services beyond your child's allowance, you will be invoiced monthly for these. Please see our Fees for any additional charges.